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Learning to read is the most exciting and challenging for every kid in their young age. Reading is one of the four language skills & is also vital for gaining command over writing & speaking skill. Children having lack of reading proficiency face many obstacles for the rest of their academic carrier. Hence it is utmost important to focus on your child’s reading power from the early child hood.

Sometimes parents found it a daunting task to teach a child to read & got frustrated on the way without having a proper method in hand. At this juncture, we found “children learning reading” as one of the most successful reading program for kids. With the help of this program you can easily teach your child to read without any struggle & stress just by sharing 15 minutes every day. In the following article we shall review on children learning reading program in details.

What is children learning reading program?

Children learning reading program is developed by Jim Yang who himself is a reading teacher & father of four kids. The conventional method of teaching toddlers from home is to learn sight words in the English language, making them remember different objects’ names, which is not entirely successful. To combat this drawback, after extensive research, Jim Yang and his wife introduced this phenomenal “Children Reading Learning Program,” which they have first chosen for their own four children and proved its reliability and efficacy.

children learning reading review

Sight words for kids

Sight words are used in most traditional reading program. In this method child are instructed to recognize word as “whole pieces” plus read by memorizing word shapes. This method produces poor result leading to confusion & frustration.

Phonics sounds for kids

After extensive research phonics sounds for kids came in practice which is much easier method to learn reading.  In this case the children have to learn some techniques by pronouncing combinations of one or couple letters instead of remembering the whole words. The program “children learning reading” course focuses on synthetic phonics & phonemics awareness skills instead of sight words.

Now let’s dig into it and find out how it works and how it differs from other programs.

What is included in learning reading program?

It is a twelve-week program composed of twenty-eight great lessons available in soft copy after purchase. It can be easily downloaded, and it is compatible with the desktop computer, android phones, iPhone, iPad, and laptops. With your purchase, you will receive an incredible collection of fifty different lessons in the form of pdf, audio, and video files to help your children read proficiently.

This program is further categorized into two stages.

Stage one of the program

The first stage will educate children through phonetics, and they will learn to identify different letters, sounds, pronunciation, and some easy tricks to identify them. Altogether, this stage will be worthy to grasp the English language’s necessary foundation and help them decode printed letters.

A set of practice material is provided for the first stage, including rhymes, stories, and printed flashcards to make their learning fun. By the time this stage will end the child will already able to read simple words.

Stage two of the program

Children learning reading programThe further stage delivers twenty-two more lessons and practice material that will help your children master the art of reading fluently. This stage will teach them the combination of two words and the blending of their sounds, which is known as diagraphs.

We present this crucial concept with exciting activities and videos, which makes it relatively easier to understand. This will develop children’s interest in reading stories and rhymes that will encourage their reading habit further. As this is a higher stage, the practice exercises will be more complex to master reading skills.

With both stages, the parents will be given a proper guidebook and video presentation to demonstrate the appropriate technique to polish their children’s reading abilities through children’s reading and learning programs.

A premium version of this program is also available, which you can purchase if you find it compelling. It has more practice material and videos, including stories and rhymes. The best factor regarding this program is, it comes with the exceptional offer of sixty days money-back guarantee for everyone.

How to teach a child to read?

Best way to teach a child is to build their phonemic awareness by using songs, stories & nursery rhymes. First parents should  learn to read for kids which are mentioned in the teaching program before teaching a child to read. Then they should spare some time regularly to teach the child. If parents are otherwise busy, any family member can take the charge to educate the child.

The details of the steps are mentioned in side the reading program. Only one has to dedicate 20 to 30  minutes every day for seven to eight weeks to teach the child to read. You will find significant changes in the child’s reading ability after successfully completion of the program.

Benefits of children learning reading program

The early years of your kid’s life are the most vital for healthy and balanced mind advancement as well as growth. Vital facets of a child’s brain are developed well before they get in to the school. So the experiences throughout these sensitive periods of growth play an important role in the development of the child brain.

In some cases older children also could not perform well in comparison to normal children. This program works well in case of children who are also struggling to read. This is one of the best online reading program for struggling readers.

How is it helpful for children?

learning reading program for kidsReading plays a vital role in children’s development; it creates the sparks of imagination and creativity in their minds and nurtures their minds to adapt to the language’s fundamentals.

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”

The loophole in using the conventional reading practice method makes children learn different words and their spellings, which make them, identify letters, but this could create confusion and make them weak in reading. As the problem has been identified now, researches have been made to resolve this issue and develop a more accurate method for developing English reading skills. English is a language that is based on sounds, the pronunciation of letters.

So, a phonetics-based method has been developed to make reading more feasible and proficient.

According to research by the national reading panel

Teaching phonics will produce better reading results than whole language programs.

Phonics System Reading Program for Kids

The newly developed Children reading and learning program is based on the phonics system. It is a combination of synthetic phonics and phonemic awareness development. The critical factor in this system is memorizing thousands of English words to learn Reading; children only learn the forty-four sounds of English alphabets and decode other literature by combining these sounds with extensive practice. This method will facilitate a child’s Reading, comprehension, and spelling abilities. As the child will start recognizing words, he will speak them more confidently and brightly.

The best factor regarding this program is Jim and Elena have utilized it, the creators for their children, and has proved it quite productive .other than that, many teachers and parents have shared their positive reviews about the effectiveness of this program; some even have shared videos showing their children reading short stories at an early age, it has even been useful for children who have autism.

This program generates children’s interest in Reading, and they stop imagining it as a chore; instead, it fascinates them with the task of reading stories and rhymes they love. It also improves their knowledge and introduces them to a whole new world. It improves their spelling, writing, and speaking, enhances their memory, and helps them grasp the English language’s core.

When to start children learning reading program?

children brain development chartThe minimum age required for children to understand this program is 2 and 7 years; however, it has successfully taught kindergarten and pre-primary and primary students.

Learning to read ability may varies from child to child.  In general children learn to read from 4 to 7 years of age. Some early learners learn to start reading as early as from 2-3 years of age.  Learn to read ability of the child increases by providing proper guidance & training.

As far as Children Learning Reading program, it is one of the best reading programs for young kids from 2-3 years. The program is also helpful for older children up to 12 years those are struggling to learn reading.

Even if a child knows the basics of reading, this program can improve his skills and make his reading fluent. It is also beneficial if children are more than seven years of age as its developer believes that the age factor cannot determine reading skills.

How is it different from other programs?

This program works on learning English’s alphabet sounds and their combination, known as the phonic system, which has been proved in many ways to be the most innovative learning method in English. In contrast, the other programs work on the whole language and memorize different words and spellings, which is ineffective.

Children Learning Reading program Pros & Cons

learning reading program


  • Step by step method: It is an easy step by step guide to making children learn reading in two stages
  • Short lessons: Each lesson is quick deliberately to make it easier to understand.
  • Effective technique: it is based on the phonic system, which has proved to be very useful.
  • Practice material: it provides a lot of practice material, including audio, video, short stories, rhymes, and printed cue cards.
  • Parents’ Children Friendly: It provides a proper guideline to parents, and it also urges them to spend at least ten minutes with children.
  • Sharable files: it comes with pdf files that can be shared with other parents also.
  • Audio files: Audio files can educate children on the correct sound of words.
  • Free goodies: It promises some free goodies for practice like letter sounds, video clips, and a chance of a lifetime upgrade.
  • The program also offer money-back guarantee.


Available online: It is available on the online platform, so it needs an internet connection to access it.

There is no provision of hardcover of books which are provided in this program.

Require parental guidance It needs parents to go through the guidelines and spend some time with their children to learn them.

Commitment and patience: Parents should follow the guideline properly for twelve weeks to avail its benefits.

How to Get Children Reading and learning program

It is exclusively designed on a digital platform, so it can be downloaded from their official website by clicking on the “Add to cart button,” once you click on the button, you will be given two options of packages, basic and premium; you will choose the box and make the payment with your bank details. Once the payment is made, the page will automatically direct you to the program for download and access all the related files of the program.

Children learning reading coupon or discount

Some parents want to buy the program are also interested to know whether there is any discount. We are able to provide you a discount link where you will get their “Phonics Foundation Reading Program” for $39 instead of regular price of $129. Follow the link here to get the program in a discounted price.

Final verdict

The University of Oxford has stated that “the first seven years of a child are crucial for his development.” Children learning and reading program is also created with the same approach in mind. This will teach the child the English language sounds through phonics and phonetics system and has been very successful, which is proven by many parents’ and teachers’ outcomes. When a child learns to read quickly, he will speak more confidently and grasp more knowledge. He will not struggle with Reading in later life, which will increase his chances of success.

This program is a must-buy for all parents and teachers of kindergarten and primary grade students, and its perks must be avail; it is an easy, reliable and incremental technique that has the potential to boost reading skills through interactive stories, rhymes, and printed material .and it will build their foundation for Reading and develop their interest in reading novels and verses, they will never run away from reading.

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